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Ilya Vladimirovich Dukhovlinov

Graduate of St. Petersburg state University, faculty of Biology, Department of Biochemistry.

Prizes and other awards:

  • Medal “for WORK in the NAME of LIFE” 2018
  • Gratitude from VOIR for long-term profitable cooperation, active participation and assistance in the work of the VOIR Moscow city organization 2018 
  • FIPS award for contribution to the development of inventiveness, theory and practice of legal protection of intellectual property 2019
  • FIPS award for great contribution to the development and improvement of the theory and practice of legal protection of intellectual property 2018
  • Diploma “100 best inventions of Russia” for antitumor agent 2015
  • Diploma “100 best inventions of Russia” for pneumonia vaccine 2014
Work in the field of creating a coronavirus vaccine has been evaluated by the international community
  • Laureate of the President of the Russian Federation prize for postgraduates 2004
  • Laureate of the prize of the society of Naturalists of St. Petersburg 2004
  • Laureate of the contest “Grants of St. Petersburg 2004” (ISSEP).
  • Diploma of the research Institute of pharmaceutical education of the USA, Bethesda, 2003
  • Winner of the competition of students and young scientists in St. Petersburg, 2003
  • Winner of the competition of students and young scientists in St. Petersburg, 2002
  • Winner of the competition of students and young scientists in St. Petersburg, 2001]
  • Leonard Euler Fellowship, Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst (DAAD), Germany, 2002

Academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Biochemistry

Ilya Vladimirovich Dukhovlinov carries out research activities in the following areas in his own interests and on request:

  • Development and creation of biologically active molecules (BAM)
  • Investigation of the properties of BAM and biological products (biological activity-immunological properties, antiviral activity, antitumor effect, as well as physical and chemical characteristics).
  • Development of technologies for the production of highly purified substances of biotechnological products (recombinant proteins, peptides, plasmids, other genetic structures) using strains – superproducers (prokaryotes — E. coli, eukaryotes — yeast).
  • Creation of eukaryotic cell lines – producers of recombinant proteins (Insecta, Mammalia).
  • Creation of chimeric monoclonal antibodies.
  • Humanization of mouse monoclonal antibodies.
  • Development of formulations of finished drugs.
  • Development of gene therapy drugs.
  • Development of production modes of substances and finished drugs.
  • Determination of shelf life of medicines and quality analysis of prototypes of drugs etc.
  • Scientific and documentary support of projects.

Ilya Vladimirovich has a number of drugs in different stages of development based on recombinant proteins and designs for gene therapy. The list of developments includes only original drugs.

Many drugs developed by Ilya Vladimirovich are included in the current “List of vital and necessary medicines”, and are also included in the “Strategy for the development of the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation until 2020” as medicines, the production of which must be mastered in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Thus, Ilya Vladimirovich develops new molecular structures that are safe and have pharmaceutical activity, and organizes their production.

The creation of new pharmaceuticals with more technological and safe production, low cost and high efficiency is an urgent task of the present time. The development of original drugs, vaccines, dietary SUPPLEMENTS, methods presented in the series of works of Ilya Vladimirovich is an example of new technology and advanced technologies that provide innovative development of the economy and social sphere.


The potential for further application of the results obtained by Ilya Vladimirovich lies in the creation of a number of vaccines using new technologies and their introduction into the vaccination calendar and the improvement of preventive measures to prevent a number of socially significant diseases. The creation of a number of innovative dietary supplements, drugs and their introduction to the market, including international, will reduce morbidity, disability, mortality and improve the life quality and expectancy. The development of modern technologies for obtaining effective drugs will reduce the risks of biological and infectious threats.

All developments of Ilya Vladimirovich are protected by patents of the Russian Federation, the Eurasian patents, and also have patent protection in many countries of the world – the USA, China (+Hong Kong), India, the European Union, Brazil, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, Ukraine. This indicates the competitiveness of the created technologies and products in the international market and shows the widest possible scale of implementation — both in Russia and around the world.