Разработана вакцина против covid-19



the Eurasian application for invention No. 201792179 stated 30.10.2017

Humanity is susceptible to diseases caused by radiation, toxic chemicals, viruses and drug-resistant bacteria. Substances may have potential effectiveness against such diseases, that activate endogenous pathways of body protection, in particular, which are capable of rapidly inducing the expression of cytoprotective and / or antimicrobial peptides. Bacterial flagella flagellin protein is a powerful activator of the innate immune system. In addition to radioprotective properties, flagellin, like other TLR agonists, has demonstrated its effectiveness in cancer immunotherapy experiments.

A method for producing active highly purified recombinant truncated flagellin has been developed. This technology allows to obtain flagellin with a purity of 98%, the yield is 800 mg per 1 liter of nutrient medium.

Flagellin obtained using the proposed technology demonstrates the effectiveness in laboratory animal models both when administered before and after irradiation.