Разработана вакцина против covid-19

Cancellation of covid restrictions in Russia: current situation and forecast for coronavirus

Cancellation of covid restrictions in Russia: current situation and forecast for coronavirus

In June and July, authorities lifted almost all coronavirus restrictions that existed in the country. At the same time, the incidence statistics have not reached zero – every day in Russia several thousand cases are detected, and several dozen people die from the infection. Biotechnologist Ilya Dukhovlinov tells our readers whether to fear a new wave of restrictions.

What is your prediction – will a new quarantine be introduced or not? And what measures will be taken?

Currently, a quarantine scenario is unlikely. Firstly, methods have already been developed to counteract the spread of the infection itself. Effective therapy schemes have become clearer. We are already more ready, both society and the institutions of medicine and government. With the experience already in place, it is quite possible to prevent the blocking of normal work, quarantine measures and other coronavirus restrictions. Measures – disinfection, timely detection and isolation of patients, their more effective and faster therapy, the introduction of regular QR codes for those who are immune – this may be quite enough.

Now it may be very important to use methods that show whether a person already has protective immunity or not. And on the basis of this, the formation of any permitting system for movement.

A new wave of coronavirus and monkeypox – will it be a double whammy?

A double blow will not happen, because in terms of their peak and power, these are not simultaneous events and they can develop in completely different ways, based on the biology of the pathogen itself. In general, we have cases, for example, of tuberculosis and flu at the same time, and this does not shock anyone, and our medicine copes with this. Therefore, covid has its own scenario, and smallpox is completely different, yes, even if it presents a problem, but in the case of smallpox everything is much more clear.

The main danger of covid is the consequences of the infection. The person seems to have recovered, weeks go by, and then a real series of health problems arise. This is the area where the problem needs to be addressed.

How long will the rise in infections last?

No more than three months. This is based on the classical, epidemiological model. Proceeding from the natural laws of waves of the number of the parasite during invasion. Deviations from this model can occur with “non-natural” interventions in the process. For example, caused by any anthropogenic reasons, a large migration of infected people, the flow of refugees, and the like.

What are scientists working on to stop covid?

These are methods for analyzing immunity, showing whether a person is protected from infection or not. Our company, together with the Pasteur Institute and Rospotrebnadzor, is introducing a special fast and cheap test to determine protective immunity. A lot depends on this indicator. It is necessary to be vaccinated, or not, is it possible for a person to visit clusters of other people, and so on.

A very important sector of work is the treatment of the consequences of covid. Here, drugs are being developed that help overcome dysfunctions of the nervous and cardiovascular systems that occur after the disease. We are also now introducing such drugs in pharmacies.