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Russian scientists have made a new breakthrough in cancer treatment.

The tumor does not need to be killed – its cells can be turned into normal ones

inside the body. And with its help, you can grow new cells and

even create artificial intelligence.

Russian scientists from the ATG Service Gen company got close to the secret

cures for cancer. In the current work of the laboratory, it was possible to call

differentiation of tumor cells into normal neurons and get neurons “in

test tube.” The resulting neurons had a classic appearance and began

connect with axons and dendrites. In the test tube, a whole

neural network! The observed phenomenon has many meanings, both for science and

and medicine.

The “transformation” of tumor cells into normal ones, so to speak, is known in vitro

for a long time. That is, the culture of cancer cells, under the influence of certain external

factors, is transformed into cell cultures of any tissue. The company has proven

that one of the widely known growth factors used in medicine,

causes such a transformation. Now it is possible to even receive neurons in

unlimited quantity.

“The uniqueness of our study is that we discovered new additional

conditions under which tumor cells can be converted into neurons. The more

such “conditions” will become known to science, the faster we will create an effective

anticancer therapy,” noted biotechnologist, candidate of sciences Ilya


However, tumor cells in the body – that is, a tumor physically in the body –

do not show this phenomenon. Here science collides with the most fundamental

the question is the relationship of the organism with the tumor. Cancer cells in vitro can become

normal, and in the composition of the body – this is a statistically unreliable phenomenon.

Returning to the obtained neurons, it is important to note that they are absolutely normal.

and ready to go to work. It is promising to use them, replacing damaged neurons

in a number of neurological diseases.

“In practice, this means that if a tumor is isolated inside the body from

influence of nervous and metabolic pathways, then it can be differentiated into

normal cells. Thus, not for the treatment of the tumor is not necessary to kill. Need

follow the path of its transformation into normal cells. The second important practical

application: nerve cells can be obtained artificially in any quantities, and this

way for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases – dystrophies, Alzheimer’s,

Parkinson. The third practical application is the creation of an artificial brain or

intelligence,” says Ilya Dukhovlinov.

But here the question arises to what extent it – the brain or the intellect – will be artificial.

These are still living cells, albeit generated by the method of bioengineering. What will happen,

if you create a mass of cells commensurate with the mass of the brain, and give them the opportunity to interact with the environment? Big work ahead to explore

applications of this technology.