Разработана вакцина против covid-19

The scientist spoke about the creation in Russia of a pill for coronavirus

“One tablet of a certain dosage blocks half of the virus at once and reduces the viral load by half,” Ilya Dukhovlinov, candidate of science in biochemistry, biotechnologist, told the VZGLYAD newspaper, talking about the creation of a unique drug against coronavirus infection.

“Our team, as development scientists, was attracted by the idea of ​​blocking the spread of the virus in the body during infection. Previously published drugs against COVID-19 were known drugs that had the additional property of somehow inhibiting the reproduction of the virus. But there is no specific drug that would work specifically against coronavirus, ”says Dukhovlinov.

Then the team of scientists set out to make a specific drug, the biotechnologist continues. To do this, they chose a strategy of blocking the receptors through which the coronavirus spreads through the cells of the body. In the course of the research, it was possible to select three types of receptors that COVID-19 binds to infect a person. The pill essentially contains three substances that block these receptors and the virus cannot spread. As a result, the disease will proceed easier and faster. He emphasizes that this is a unique composition of the drug, it has no analogues yet.

“One tablet of a certain dosage blocks half of the virus at once and reduces the viral load by half. Now we need to study the drug in different clinical situations, the data are completely new. Of course, this product is a scientific discovery, and in the course of clinical trials, dosage adjustments will be made for maximum effect, ”the expert shares.

The advantages of this medical product is that it is the first drug with a “triple” action, the expert says. It is optimal to take it in the first 5-6 days of infection. It can also be used as a disease prevention. Side effects may include temporary mild indigestion.

However, it is difficult for a scientist to say how soon the drug will appear in the public domain. “It depends on the legal regulation in the Ministry of Health, the adopted laws. In the event of an aggravation of the epidemic, this will happen faster. There are accelerated registration schemes for such drugs in an epidemic. Accelerated registration allows you to bring the drug to the market within a year,” concluded Dukhovlinov.

Earlier, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that almost all departments of the presidential administration of Russia maintain special precautions in connection with COVID. Against the backdrop of an increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus infection, Rospotrebnadzor recommended that vulnerable categories of citizens continue to wear medical masks in public places.