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A genetically engineered ointment for burns has been created in Russia

A genetically engineered ointment for burns has been created in Russia

“The burn preparation we received triggers regeneration at the gene level, allows you to restore not only cells, but also collagen,” Candidate of Sciences in Biochemistry, biotechnologist Ilya Dukhovlinov told VZGLYAD newspaper, commenting on his creation of a new fast healing ointment for burns.

A group of Russian scientists has developed a new burn ointment that promotes the fastest healing of wounds. According to experts, it would be possible to use such a tool absolutely everywhere, but it would be especially useful for people who are currently in the field of hostilities.

“Burns refer to traumatic injuries caused by temperature, radiation, electricity, chemicals, friction. After cancer and heart disease, it is the next most common cause of death. Such injuries occur both in everyday life and in military conditions, and in other emergency situations, ”says Dukhovlinov.

The main task in such situations is to raise the body’s resources for recovery and cause enhanced tissue regeneration in the damaged area, the expert continues. The development of biotechnology and genetic engineering has made it possible to understand the mechanisms of regeneration at the gene level. It became clear which gene products can make it possible to quickly repair the damage resulting from such an injury.

“This knowledge allows us to create new generation drugs with a more known and precise mechanism of action. The preparation we received for burns triggers regeneration at the gene level, allows you to restore not only cells, but also collagen, and, most importantly in regeneration, the positioning of the restored cells relative to each other,” the scientist shares.

He says that, firstly, the new product was obtained using genetic engineering methods. “Secondly, the product stimulates cell division without affecting the hormonal system, but at the same time, due to special cleaning and testing, it is completely devoid of polluting components, like similar products from natural sources. Now there are widespread opinions about the dangers of genetically engineered drugs. They say that gene products create interference in our genes, this leads to mutations, cancer and the degeneration of offspring, ”says Dukhovlinov.

However, he explains that in any serving of ordinary food that we eat, there is a huge amount of genes. And these DNA after eating fish, meat or vegetables enter the blood in the form of certain fragments and are there. By analyzing blood DNA, you can determine what a person ate during the day. And all this does no harm to their own genes, the interlocutor assures.

“From a piece of meat eaten, where the amount of cow DNA is calculated in grams, none of our genome suffers. Our genome has very high quality defense systems. All genetic information is very clearly separated (compartmentalized) and protected. Products obtained using genetic engineering methods are just as harmful to us as “mixtures of genes”, for example, cod and potato dishes that enter our body when we eat,” the expert emphasizes. In addition, he notes that this in no way can affect the offspring, since this does not affect the germ cells. Genetically engineered products, like all drugs, are tested for mutagenicity and teratogenicity. For this, there are special tests developed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. All results show the safety of such drugs.

You can use this remedy for any wounds, of any size, depth and severity, the scientist notes. The drug can be used for very severe burns and critical conditions of the body. Such a tool, according to him, can be useful, for example, in places of military operations. It is there that a situation arises when prompt medical assistance is impossible, and the wounded need to alleviate their condition and recover as quickly as possible.

“The substance we created restores not only burn injuries, but also promotes the regeneration of nerve fibers and brain cells. This is very important in concussion. In fact, the regenerative spectrum is even wider: our studies have also shown great promise in the treatment of strokes, various neuropathic conditions, and multiple sclerosis,” Dukhovlinov believes.