Разработана вакцина против covid-19

Biotechnologist: Coronavirus significantly accelerates human aging

Biotechnologist: Coronavirus significantly accelerates human aging

“The body can be arbitrarily rejuvenated genetically, metabolically and hormonally, but under the influence of viruses, life expectancy will be significantly reduced,” Ilya Dukhovlinov, candidate of science in biochemistry, biotechnologist, told the newspaper VIEW, emphasizing that even with the course of coronavirus in a mild form, aging is greatly accelerated.

“We have witnessed a whole series of discoveries, each of which “just about” promised us “eternal youth”. This is a low-calorie diet, telomeres, Yamanaki cocktail, glutathione, antioxidants, hormone therapy, senolytics, stem cells and so on. There is no eternal youth. Yes, life extension by 20% is possible. As applied to humans, this has not even been statistically proven, but only assumed, since so much time has not passed yet that we would have a hundred other subjects who lived to be 130 years old statistically reliably. There are only assumptions and analyzes that speak about the prospects, with the use of certain technologies, to maintain the strength of the body and a clear mind by the age of 80-90 and later, ”says Dukhovlinov.

Currently, the average life expectancy in Russia is about 70 years, the scientist continues. The maximum record of longevity, which was recently officially recorded in Russia, is the Russian centenarian Tanzilya Bisembeeva, who died at the age of 125.

He named a number of technologies that are currently being developed or are available today. Among them are NADH preparations, which have shown a reliable result of rejuvenation in animals and humans. He also cites MGF (mechanical growth factor genes) gene therapy as an example, noting that clinical trials are currently underway and there are already the first “promising” results in humans. Another way to longevity is the pNaKtide peptide. And although its safety in humans has not yet been proven, a positive effect on animals has been shown. In addition, the specialist mentioned the combination of the anticancer agent dasatinib and the P vitamin preparation quercetin. It is claimed that you can start taking at any time, the drugs are on the market.

Special attention, in his opinion, deserves two other new technologies – the restoration or replacement of aging DNA and the creation of a vaccine that causes the destruction of aged cells. These technologies attract with the fundamental nature of their direction. The direction of the first is to change the human genetic code, correct it, create a genetic code that is completely new in its chemical nature (more stable and durable), encoding the same proteins and RNA. The interlocutor evaluates it as a very bold and brilliant idea, since this is to get rid of all viruses and oncological diseases.

“The second technology is vaccination against aging. It attracts with its mass character, unification and the presence of a common fundamental principle of the relationship between the oldest cells and immunity, ”says Dukhovlinov, emphasizing that immunity plays an important role in aging. “This is the destruction of “defective” cells, including aged ones, and protection from various infections. The body can be arbitrarily rejuvenated in genetic, metabolic and hormonal terms, but, under the influence of viruses, life expectancy will be significantly reduced. An example is COVID-19. Even with a mild course of the disease, aging is significantly accelerated. This is a decrease in the production of ATP, an imbalance of neurotransmitters (“transmitters” of signals from nerve cells), which further leads to hormonal, neurological, cardiological diseases, ”the expert warns.

If you take a comprehensive look at the current problem of aging, then it is not only chemistry, genes and vaccines, the scientist notes. This is the passage of time, and the existence of our body in space, and the physical principles of the structure of the Universe. Aging is the passage of time, and quantum physicists also need to deal with time. To stop aging means to slow down time.

“A cardinal breakthrough in longevity (when life is extended not at the level of 20–30%, but at times) is possible only with the combined use of genetic, metabolic, social, vaccine and quantum mechanical approaches,” Dukhovlinov concluded.

In February, the director of the Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center of the Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogova, chief freelance geriatrician of the Ministry of Health Olga Tkacheva said that the maximum life expectancy of a person today is about 120 years. She also drew attention to the fact that the average life expectancy is growing rapidly, and this trend will continue.

Text: Tatyana Kosolapova