Разработана вакцина против covid-19


International application PCT/RU2018/050117, priority 24.09.2017

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  • Russian application No. 2008149821 stated 18.12.2008

To date, the only registered and used vaccine is BCG (BCG), derived from an attenuated strain of Mycobacterium bovis and first introduced to humans in 1921.

The author has developed several variants of the vaccine against tuberculosis of the new generation. The base is recombinant proteins to induce specific immune response against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, including proteins Ag85B, Tb10.4 of M. tuberculosis and an adjuvant —S. typhimurium FliC flagellin fragments. Fusion proteins based on them are developed, where the components are connected by flexible bridges. A composition containing additionally plasmid DNA encoding proteins Ad85a and/or Ag85B of M. tuberculosis has been developed.

The proposed vaccines are more effective than BCG. The inventions claimed for this vaccine ensure its safety and ease of manufacture and use.

The vaccine is safe due to the active substance-recombinant protein and / or plasmid DNA, which avoids the risks associated with the introduction of bacteria into the body, albeit inactivated or attenuated.

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